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Week 1

It's been 5 days since the renovations started. This projects projected end date as of today is July 21st. That's 5 months of living through a renovation. We must be crazy, but it's happening! 

So far we have torn out the entire kitchen, and the summer kitchen (addition on the side of the house), the back rooms (2 additions) are also in the process of getting ripped apart. Thankfully we found no asbestos when we ran our test, and so far, we haven't found anything that we weren't expecting to find. 

We are currently living on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the house, which has been challenging with 2 cats. There's a plastic barrier between the floors, but it still feels like I'm slowly becoming one with the dry wall dust. This so far has been the biggest annoyance, other than making sure the cats use their litter boxes and not breaking the plastic barrier. 

The next steps are to build the foundation for the new addition. We've chosen to go with a techno-post solution, rather than dig a full foundation. This will help save on some costs, but mostly time. Once the post foundation is ready, they'll begin taking down the exterior wall of the house to build the addition. This is still a few weeks out, thankfully (there's still time to mentally prepare)!  

Here are some pictures of the progress so far: 

A before of the Kitchen


Stay tuned for an update next week! 

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March 27, 2016 0 tags (show)

Living it up!

We've been in our home for almost 10 months now. Everyday, I fall in love with this place more! I didn't think it would be possible. 

We've decided to take the leap, and do some renovating. With this major decision, we've also decided to not take on the work ourselves, and work with professionals. We have a pretty major job ahead of us. We'll be working with a few different pros which will be working on the design, demo and construction. This is going to be a long process, 3-4 months (hopefully no longer). But we are up to the challenge, and hope you enjoy following along with our adventure!  

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February 14, 2016 0 tags (show)


I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you surely don't deserve me at my best.

| Marilyn Monroe 


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January 05, 2015 0 tags (show)

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2015. This is going to be a great year! 


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January 04, 2015 0 tags (show)

Summer lovin' 2014

This summer has been filled with mini adventures that haven't taken me as far across the globe as I would have liked. But it doesn't mean it hasn't been a blast. From having too many beers and hotdogs at baseball games to dancing my heart out to Usher at OVO Fest. 
It's amazing how you can fall in love with a familiar place. 
OVO Fest. 
Summer bike rides along the Ottawa River. 
Hanging high above Toronto.   
Hanging out with Ace. 

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September 14, 2014 0 tags (show)

Scrub up

A scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly, and is also known as a buster.  But this post isn't about boys. It's about a new product that I really didn't think I would love, but I do! Scrub Inspired is a company that was started in Ottawa that make local and all natural scrubs. You can use them anywhere to help moisturize and exfoliate your skin.


I've never really used scrubs before and the ones I have tried I often found a little harsh for my sensitive skin. I purchased 2 kinds from, one based with sugar the other with sea salt to see which I would like better. I can honestly say, I love them both, and can't choose one that I like better than the other. The Lavender & Vanilla scrub has a really relaxing smell, and makes any shower feel like a few blissful moments at the spa. You can choose the sugar or sea-salt based Lavender & Vanilla scrub. I chose the sea-salt version and I found it really easy on my skin. It not only exfoliated gently, but my skin felt really moisturized and so so smooth. But I think my favourite part of this scrub is the scent combination. I love to use this when I take a shower at night or after a workout, as it really enables relaxation.


Now as you know, I decided to try two kinds of scrubs. The second one was also a huge hit. has a more subtle scent, and it kind of makes me think of freshly baked goods! It made my skin so smooth as well, that I really can't decide which I like better. It was a sugar based scrub, that has a great scent as well. Coconut Almond, You can actually eat all of the scrubs they make, everything is all natural and made from ingredients you can actually pronounce. Not going to lie, I had a taste of the Coconut & Almond, and it was good!

I also had the pleasure to trying out the special edition Ladies Who Lunch scrub! It's a sugar based scrub that has an awesome combination of orange and lemongrass, which is really refreshing. I love the addition of avocado in this scrub, as it really makes your skin feel smooth and moisturized. 

I've been converted to being a scrub user and probably won't be able to stop using them. I'm really looking forward to trying the other kinds, since they all sound amazing. Have you tried Scrub? Tell me about what you think! Have questions about Scrub? Ask them here! The ladies behind Scrub: Kiersten & Jess

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Me Rollin' in my grandfathers driveway in Alexandria Ontario.

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October 21, 2013 2 tags (show)

Summer lovin'

Sunset over Lac Philippe.

Afternoon dip.

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New York, New York!

20130525-234439.jpg I had the privilege of attending an amazing conference called 99u. It's an incredible 2 days of inspiring people who want to help others make ideas happen. We were mostly at the Lincoln Centre in Alice Tully hall. But I had the pleasure of attending sessions in other locations as well. 20130525-235049.jpg
Some of the participants soaking up the sun during a break.
20130525-235107.jpg Going to the Quirky offices for an inside look at how they make inventions accessible. Their office was a really beautiful and inspiring place. It reminded me a lot of Shopify. We learnt about the culture as well as the actual process of how these inventions actually go from concept to reality. It was really community focused with was amazing to see. With the new partnership with GE, I can't wait to see the amazing things people come up with. 20130525-235119.jpg
Touring through the kitchen at Quirky.
The entire team works in one giant room. On desks made from former bowling lanes.
On to the conference after a great start to our day with studio sessions. The recharge stations everywhere were so handy and amazing to get to chat with people. While your phone gets 15 minutes of juice, you're screen free and can have actual face to face human conversations. 20130526-000713.jpg The speakers were so amazing and inspiring in so many different ways. Check out these amazing summaries by 99u: - be sure to check out the related articles and the other speakers! The rest of the trip can be summed up by one song; Gangsta's paradise. We hung out in Brooklyn, ate great food, had stiff drinks and even went to visit the Etsy office. It was a successful trip to NYC. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="308,309,310,311,312,313,314,315,316,318,317"]

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May 25, 2013 4 tags (show)

Birthday love.

I really felt the birthday love from friends near and far this year. For whatever reason, 27 was tough, but 28 didn't seem to have the same effect. I'm just so happy/luck/amazed to have my dream job, live in an amazing home and neighbourhood, live with my best friend and partner in crime and have the best friends a girl could ask for. I can't wait to see what the future holds! [caption id="attachment_284" align="aligncenter" width="388"]my loves my loves[/caption]

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