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A beach shot from last week in Jamaica Mon! Everything's irie ;)


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February 11, 2013 3 tags (show)

New year, New look!

It's 2013, and in the words of Barney Stinson; To succeed, you have to stop being ordinary and be legend - wait for it - dary! Staring off with a new look to my blog and many adventures to come! Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 11.07.34 AM
Something to Jenga's old look

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January 19, 2013 1 tags (show)


Making pompoms was a Pinterest DIY I've wanted to try for a while. Luckily my friend (Jeanette) had the same idea and got the supplies! 20121231-002356.jpg It was quite daunting at first but once we got started it got easier. We used dollar store tissues paper, it rips, just go with it. I'm sure the expensive stuff rips too! Be gentle and it will work out. 20130118-134058.jpg We used 5 to 12 sheets together and folded them into an (unmeasured) inch. Once it's all folded, wrap some craft wire (about 18 inches long) around the middle of it to hold the accordion together. Don't wrap it to tight, but enough to hold it together. You can tie the ends of the wire together to make a loop, to make it easier to attach string or ribbon to attach it to the ceiling. Cut the ends to be round or pointed, we chose pointed. You'll then flatten the accordion and spread out the folds, so that you have a flower/star looking shape. 20130119-102719.jpg You'll then begin to gently pull apart the layers of tissue paper one by one from the centre. If you're using dollar store tissue paper, like we did, just be prepared for the paper to rip. Start on one side of the craft wire, and go from both ends of the tissue paper, to make it easier. Once you have a pompom finished, hold by the center and shake lightly to fluff out the pompom. Finished! Tie some ribbon around the center loop and hang from the ceiling. You can also scale down the tissue paper and make different sizes. 20130119-102730.jpg

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December 31, 2012 4 tags (show)


Walking the streets of Prague was one of the most relaxing things to do. This city is beautiful!

Traffic and arches

Cobble stone streets

Fancy clocks

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October 13, 2012 3 tags (show)


Bavaria during Oktoberfest, Munich's highlight was certainly beer filled!


First beer of the day was at 9:30am

Beer tents fill up fast
A street to call my own

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September 26, 2012 3 tags (show)


A few highlights from my trip to Amsterdam! 20120927-033640.jpg
One of many bridges
Playing chicken with trams
Boats on canals

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September 26, 2012 3 tags (show)

Miss Roberge's bachelorette weekend!

One hell of a weekend! It was exactly what you'd expect from a bachelorette, drunk ladies running a muck in Montreal. Dinner, drinks, snacks, shots and dancing. Wild would be an understatement. Not going to bed until 730am was probably a terrible idea, but it was a blast!
July 21st 2012







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July 22, 2012 2 tags (show)

Shopify lounge


Working for a company you love is the best!

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June 17, 2012 1 tags (show)

Montreal streets

Walking around old Montreal

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