Scrub up

A scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly, and is also known as a buster.  But this post isn't about boys. It's about a new product that I really didn't think I would love, but I do! Scrub Inspired is a company that was started in Ottawa that make local and all natural scrubs. You can use them anywhere to help moisturize and exfoliate your skin.


I've never really used scrubs before and the ones I have tried I often found a little harsh for my sensitive skin. I purchased 2 kinds from, one based with sugar the other with sea salt to see which I would like better. I can honestly say, I love them both, and can't choose one that I like better than the other. The Lavender & Vanilla scrub has a really relaxing smell, and makes any shower feel like a few blissful moments at the spa. You can choose the sugar or sea-salt based Lavender & Vanilla scrub. I chose the sea-salt version and I found it really easy on my skin. It not only exfoliated gently, but my skin felt really moisturized and so so smooth. But I think my favourite part of this scrub is the scent combination. I love to use this when I take a shower at night or after a workout, as it really enables relaxation.


Now as you know, I decided to try two kinds of scrubs. The second one was also a huge hit. has a more subtle scent, and it kind of makes me think of freshly baked goods! It made my skin so smooth as well, that I really can't decide which I like better. It was a sugar based scrub, that has a great scent as well. Coconut Almond, You can actually eat all of the scrubs they make, everything is all natural and made from ingredients you can actually pronounce. Not going to lie, I had a taste of the Coconut & Almond, and it was good!

I also had the pleasure to trying out the special edition Ladies Who Lunch scrub! It's a sugar based scrub that has an awesome combination of orange and lemongrass, which is really refreshing. I love the addition of avocado in this scrub, as it really makes your skin feel smooth and moisturized. 

I've been converted to being a scrub user and probably won't be able to stop using them. I'm really looking forward to trying the other kinds, since they all sound amazing. Have you tried Scrub? Tell me about what you think! Have questions about Scrub? Ask them here! The ladies behind Scrub: Kiersten & Jess