New York, New York!

20130525-234439.jpg I had the privilege of attending an amazing conference called 99u. It's an incredible 2 days of inspiring people who want to help others make ideas happen. We were mostly at the Lincoln Centre in Alice Tully hall. But I had the pleasure of attending sessions in other locations as well. 20130525-235049.jpg
Some of the participants soaking up the sun during a break.
20130525-235107.jpg Going to the Quirky offices for an inside look at how they make inventions accessible. Their office was a really beautiful and inspiring place. It reminded me a lot of Shopify. We learnt about the culture as well as the actual process of how these inventions actually go from concept to reality. It was really community focused with was amazing to see. With the new partnership with GE, I can't wait to see the amazing things people come up with. 20130525-235119.jpg
Touring through the kitchen at Quirky.
The entire team works in one giant room. On desks made from former bowling lanes.
On to the conference after a great start to our day with studio sessions. The recharge stations everywhere were so handy and amazing to get to chat with people. While your phone gets 15 minutes of juice, you're screen free and can have actual face to face human conversations. 20130526-000713.jpg The speakers were so amazing and inspiring in so many different ways. Check out these amazing summaries by 99u: - be sure to check out the related articles and the other speakers! The rest of the trip can be summed up by one song; Gangsta's paradise. We hung out in Brooklyn, ate great food, had stiff drinks and even went to visit the Etsy office. It was a successful trip to NYC. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="308,309,310,311,312,313,314,315,316,318,317"]