Welcome 2012

2011 was a great year and I don't know how 2012 will be able to top it?! I find myself saying this every year, but 2011 was really good to me! I quit making specific resolutions a while back since I wasn't sticking with them... So this year I decided to make a few general resolutions for 2012, here they are: - Get organized! My house, workspaces and everything else that could use organizing. - Travel. I want to the see the world, and it won't be possible this year but I hope to at least go to two different (and new) places this year. - Healthy living! I'm not getting any younger and this is the time to do it! I started playing team sports again in 2011, and I plan to continue this in 2012! Overall general better eating and being active :) - Follow through! When I have a project in mind, I will complete it! (this includes blogging more)! - All of the things! This is just an attitude I'd like to have for 2012 ;) I think for someone who doesn't make resolutions this list is pretty good! I hope everyone has a safe, happy and prosperous 2012. @lizzymac