This is Hugo

This is my cat. 20111120-033319.jpg He's a sweet little guy but is currently driving me crazy. He's overall a great cat! After all, who wouldn't want a cat that fetches, likes water, follows you around and snuggles with you. I know you might think I'm describing a dog, but this little guy is in fact a cat! 20111120-033758.jpg He's a menace to society, while drinking anything anywhere! But really he loves to drink. Not just water, he loves beer and if you have a glass anywhere near you, his paw will have been in it or he'll have just done his best to knock it over. Today Hugo sat in my sink as he's been doing for a while... 20111120-034443.jpg I turned on the water to see what would happen and to my surprise he was completely fine with it! He was happy to sit under the water and play and try to drink it! I'm just always shocked by his behaviour and I truly think that he's a dog trapped in a cats body. Which I'm totally ok with! Want to adopt a little kitty of your own? Check out the Ottawa Humane Society or a Humane Society in your area. In the words of Bob Barker, help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered.